A Circle

A three-dimensional round rattle strung on a multi-colored strand of beads, with imagery on the surfaces of the rattle that represent flowers, honeybees and fruit.
I sent a micro-mosaic rattle on an adventure to be in community with you. Please read my blog post about it here.
I have set up this guestbook as a space for us to share thoughts, images, location of the rattle, so we can follow along on its journey. If you have received it, please tell us where you live, your thoughts on the rattle (ie: what you decide to do with it, who you might share it with, anything that you feel inspired to do while you are in community with us while caretaking the rattle.) I will be creating a scrapbook here with pictures you send me via email, or post on Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #beerattle so I can find it, tagging me #cdljewelry @cdljewelry will also help.