Community Rattle: Our Story

Community Rattle: Our Story

A photo album of the journey of the rattle. Send in your pictures via email or post on Instagram and tag @CDLjewelry with #BeeRattle and I will add to this album.

The handoff, leaving Bellingham, WA.

This is my mom, Hyla. She was the first stop for the rattle, in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Barbara. Grants Pass, Oregon.

Sydney. Grants Pass, Oregon.

Nancy. Grants Pass, Oregon.

Kate. Grants Pass, Oregon.

Caryn. Grants pass, Oregon.

Scott the beekeeper. Grants Pass, Oregon.

Artist Betty LaDuke in her Ashland, Oregon studio.

Jeweler Michelle Lenae. Seattle, WA.

Michelle's Jizo, with her custom Mountain Love rings and the rattle.

Posted on Instagram by @michellelenaejewelry.

Posted on IG by @willowbee13.

Posted on IG by @willowbee13.

Palm Desert, CA.

Posted on IG by @bookstravelandmr

Posted on IG by @bookstravelandmr

Posted on IG by @bookstravelandmr.

In Portugal with @bookstravelandmr

These are screenshots from @bookstravelandmr IG posts. 

I know I said I wanted to keep it in the US, but Yolanda (@bookstravelandmr) was taking a trip to Portugal and since she's returning to the US, I said "Sure!" No hard and fast rules, folks. Just keep sharing and keep it moving and I am HERE for this journey. You all are taking up the project and making it grow in ways I hadn't dreamed of. xoxo