Underpinnings. Foundations. Inspiration.

Underpinnings. Foundations. Inspiration.

Sitting with my ideas and thinking about The Big Picture, I realized I was performing an exercise in exploring the meaning in what I do. Does it matter, why do it? 

I have written before about art being intrinsic to life, that the act of making art is mindfulness. I feel similarly about baking. This week I have done both. 

I pulled out my grandmother's challah recipe and followed it almost to the letter. Remembering her hands shaping the dough into tiny braids. Pondering her possible response, I instead made doves. 

braided buns in progress

challah dough formed into doves

And then I picked up a 6" square canvas and created a performance piece for Dakota Arts. The idea behind my painting/micro-mosaic came from thinking of what ingredients I use to make my art. I am dedicated to eco-conscientious methods and materials, using recycled metals, repurposing gemstones, glass beads that are made using recycled glass, packaging that is recycled or repurposed when possible; the shipping labels and tapes I use are recycled, recyclable and low impact. In addition to the tangible ingredients, I wanted to physically imprint some of the feelings and thoughts that are the foundations underneath everything I create. They are not visible in the finished piece, but they are there, so I recorded a timelapse while I worked, scroll down to view it. There will be a QR code to this blog entry pasted to the back of my canvas.

Dakota Arts gallery and art store in Bellingham, Washington holds an annual fundraising exhibit. Everyone is invited to submit up to three 6" x 6" squares which results in hundreds of small artworks that are hung in a grid pattern throughout the gallery, made by artists of every age and every skill. Each mini canvas will sell for $25, so it is first come, first served. The opening night is fun, often with a line outside before the doors open during First Friday Art Walk. If you are local, consider visiting Dakota Arts during the month of November and supporting this exhibit which in turn supports local arts programs. 


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