Micro-mosaic bee ring and brooch

Ring Smackdown 2023


top view of the hovering bee ring

It's been a couple of years since I applied to the Danaca Design Studio (in Seattle) Battle of the Rings, so I thought I'd give it another try and this time my ring was accepted! If you are on Instagram, the format is a fun way to participate and help makers promote our designs and our businesses too. (I'll be able to send out an email to remind you.) So, not only will my bee ring pictured here be available for sale at the Seattle showroom, it will be pitted against rings by makers all over the world. It's all in good fun--every year I am excited to see the variety of creativity in rings, and am delighted that I'll be participating this time around. You can view a preview of the contenders on IG and more photos will be posted in May. From the Danaca Design website:
"Battle of the Rings, otherwise known as the Ring Smackdown, is a head-to-head, tournament style, single-elimination juried competition and virtual event with a top prize of $500.  64 rings will be selected by two jurors and drafted into teams as selected by the jurors. Selected rings will be paired into matches for competition. Matches will be posted daily for exactly 24 hours, to our Instagram story for public vote, May 1-31 at 9:00am PST. Each ring can win up to three points in a single match. One is given to the winner of the Instagram poll; the other two points come from the jurors. The ring with the most points advances to the next round. All selected rings will be posted to our Instagram feed and available to purchase through our online gallery and Danaca Design Gallery Showroom."

I will post links here when they are available. :)

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I love it,
Those rings are beautiful. You’re absolutely amazing designer.
I would love to participate in this.
I hope you win.💓🙏

Joyce Baker

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