Radical Love

Radical Love

Radical love is a bracelet that remembers and honors the Emanuel Nine;
lives that countered hate with love, and have touched the world.

The nine gold circles represent the nine lives lost at the Temple Emanuel Church in Charleston, NC June 17, 2015:
Clementa C. Pinckney
Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd
Susie Jackson
Ethel Lee Lance
Depayne Middleton-Doctor
Tywanza Sanders
Daniel L. Simmons
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
Myra Thompson
As we are touched by the Nine and their families left behind, their acts of kindness, love, and forgiveness ripple outward. The colors of the cuff I have made are the colors of our humanity--our skin--while our diversity is represented by the colors of LGBTQIA+ pride. Radical love is an unconditional acknowledgement of inherent worth. Radical love shows us how to bend the moral arc of the universe toward freedom, justice, and equality.
Practice a love that leaves no one out.
 @metalsmithsforchange we are raising money for these three organizations with the coming auction, opening Tuesday, July 28th!
If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you have already seen a lot of my posts, centered on the Black Lives Matter movement. I have been listening to Black people, learning how to be anti-racist, and helping to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color. I have joined a group of metalsmiths creating for solidarity, justice, and peace. It isn't enough to share memes and articles; we all--especially white people-- need to step up and make change happen, commit to being anti-racist, and help stop the flow of resources to organizations, programs, and companies that discriminate against vulnerable communities or help to perpetuate economic and racial injustice throughout society. 
There are so many places to find helpful resources on how to become an anti-racist, how to help change the system, a quick Google search will offer up numerous places to start.

I say “Black Lives Matter” because “all” didn’t cover Black when they said “All men are created equal”.
I say “Black Lives Matter” because “all” didn’t cover Black when they said “with liberty and justice for all”.
I say “Black Lives Matter” because they are still struggling with the definition of “all”.

Check out Metalsmiths for Change website for more information and to see the current pieces coming up for auction.

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