Migration: Monarch and Eucalyptus

Migration: Monarch and Eucalyptus


sketchbook with image of monarch butterfly with finished micromosaic pendant and earrings of same.

It came from a memory when I was very little--playing with outstretched arms in a grove of eucalyptus trees, beams of sunshine through shadows, with butterflies all around me. 

Not that I recall from that memory, but it was most likely autumn, when the monarchs migrate through coastal California on their way to Mexico. Some even overwinter in eucalyptus groves, tiling their bodies on branches of the trees. Unless one opens its wings you would think they are just leaves, rustling in the wind. As soon as one does open its wings, you might get a flash of brilliant orange, or if the sun is right and all you see is the shadowy outline of shape, you may still think it is just a seed pod on the leafy branch. The eucalyptus and monarch are captivatingly connected; a wonderful symbol of travel, relocation, and how interconnected we all are. 

monarch butterfly necklace with mismatched earrings. One is a monarch butterfly wing and the other is a eucalyptus leaf.

close up of micro-mosaic monarch butterfly pendant with dangling eucalyptus leaves, butterfly is three-dimensional with antennae and a furry carved and forged silver body.

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