A Safe Place II

A Safe Place II

I am feeling nostalgic and ever grateful as 2021 comes to a close. 

We lost several friends this year, three left us in December. All of them lived their lives fully and we expressed our love for each other in all our interactions. I suppose there isn't much more to ask for, and yet, time.....more time would have been lovely. 

This was my last commission of 2021, and though I was heartbroken, and exhausted, I found myself grinning--inexplicably grinning--as I worked on it. Grateful for expression, grateful for work, GRATITUDE for the lessons I am always learning, that help me live my life better and fuller. To be making this necklace for someone special to me made the experience that much richer. 

I am appreciative of the safe spaces I have in my life, the people who offer such spaces, and I wish everyone could feel safe and secure in their lives. 

As one who left us used to say, "Ixsixán, my arms are around you." 

(Ixsixán is Łingit for "I love you")
I wish you a safe and happy new year, and many joyful moments in 2022.
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